“Iwan doesn’t just think outside of the box: he pulls the box apart, throws away all the parts you don’t need, and hands you a custom container that solves the problem. “


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Iwan van Geelen

Iwan van Geelen (Amsterdam, 1973) Entrepreneur, participates and assists companies or ideas

At the age of 18 for the first registered at the Chamber of Commerce and since then ‘in business’. Whether this is for own account, for third parties or together. With a great track record in several stages; companies in pre-start, during grow or when ready for the next step.

Hands-on is ‘key’ in combination with constantly developing, thinking up and implementing new ideas. Innovation, often ‘oh yes’ ideas, to get life & live.

International experience in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, UK, South Africa, Scandinavia (Finland and Denmark), Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Russia (and I’m not talking about one or two times but on real experience )

You may ask me anything, the best answers I can give is in exchanging business ideas, (new)partnership, together or for freelance and interim management assignments, .


Frozen projects: for sale or new partnership

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