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Honors & Awards

Finalist in the Dutch Business Challenge
Elservier December 2007
(most creative entrepreneur)

The Dutch Innovation in Travel Award 2008
TMC Nominated for The Dutch Innovation in Travel Award 2008

year’s top 10 tourism & travel ideas
springwise January 2008 Ranked as number 3 and number 10 at Springwise

Emerce Insight Travel & Tourism 2007
Emerce January 2007

Spotted “new”
Emerce Insight Travel & Tourism 2008

Emerce Insight Travel & Tourism 2008

Additional Honors & Awards

  • Finalist in the Dutch Business Challenge 2007 (most creative entrepreneur)
  • Nominated for The Dutch Innovation in Travel Award 2008
  • Coach & evaluator for minor entrepreneurs at InHolland (school for economics)
  • Online and offline contributor at
  • Ranked as number 3 and number 10 at
  • Spotted at Emerce Insight Travel & Tourism 2007
  • Invited for best start up at Emerce Insight Travel & Tourism 2008
  • Expert Member @


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“Iwan is rare in that he truly understands that the idea is the execution. In implementation of innovative ideas in e-commerce, his vision is creative and broad, his execution is precise and pragmatic, and in dealing with startup problems he hits all the numbers; commited, involved, and always authentic.

Iwan doesn’t just think outside of the box: he pulls the box apart, throws away all the parts you don’t need, and hands you a custom container that solves the problem.”

Jeannine van der Linden,  Manager at Kamer52


“Iwan is the type of guy that rolls up his sleeves and starts on a job, and does not stop until it’s done. Very practical and down to earth. Having had the opportunity to work together for several years, Iwan has also gained experience in the digial side of business (processes) and thus can very likely contribute to situations where conventional business models need to be shifted towards a more advanced future.”

Bart Jaspers, Founder & Director Business Development, Device Global


“I met Iwan as we discussed how his company ( could support my foundation ( by generating some publicity amongst his customer base. Iwan is a very hands-on and pragmatic person that likes to think in terms of actions and possibilities. Working with Iwan was very good.”

Stefan Captijn, Founder, Healing Miles Foundation


“I know Iwan as a strong negotiator, a partnership builder, someone with a strong execution oriented mind set. Absolutely a great partner to work with.”

Meynald Weerman, (Interim) Manager, MeyHold BV (self employed)


“Rarely will you come across a more committed and hands-on project manager. Iwan is someone who is dedicated to completing a project and typically delivers more than promised.”

Perry van Beek, Corporate Development Officer, Device Global BV


“Very sociable colleague, good organiser, strong problemsolver. Very experienced in setting up the infrastructure of a (new) company, knows how to get the job done.”

Jan-Willem Snijder, Owner, Hot Commodity


“Iwan is very responsible within his job role and a pleasant person to work with.”

John G.M. Mensing (the Netherlands & South Africa)


“I have worked for over a year with Iwan, first as a student, in a later stage as Sales Manager in South Africa, and I remember him as a dedicated and loyal person with a great commitment for his goals. As we are still collegues, but in an other setting, he is one of the most inspiring persons I’ve met.”

Paul Feldbrugge (the Netherlands & South Africa)


“I had the pleasure to get to know Iwan in connection with my company´s activity, which also happened to be very close to his interestes and work.

Iwan is a very initiativ and open-minded person, who is full of ideas and who knows how to put them into practice. He is a very reliable person and I will strongly recommend him as a business partner.”

Hristina Jensen, owner, (Denmark)


“He was a great manager to work for, he was more of a friend than a manager. But always kept it professional. He never lost sight on what needed to be done. It was a pleasure working with him.”

Desiree van Burick (South Africa)

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